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Everyone wants to lose weight, and so consult many doctors and dietitians but still fail to lose weight, Reason being lack of proper guidance, personalised attention, well planned diet plans and a pot full of perseverance ! we at ANUPAMA DIET SOLUTIONS are here to provide you excellent solutions for all your health and weight loss goals under the able guidance of Dietitian Anupma Jain who has been actively involved into this endeavour for the past five years. She is known to plan a diet that surely tingles your taste buds yet simultaneously help you loose excess weight and the ugly flab. She is of the opinion that for losing weight a person doesn`t require a strict diet, but little and sustainable lifestyle and dietary changes along with whole lot of guidance and motivation. We assure you that we will help you sail through this journey of yours.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage and promote healthy lifestyle globally by providing an easy, user-friendly and rapid consulting platform that offers customised diet and health plans.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build ever-changing high quality, global consulting platform for diet and health services, thereby taking one step towards making the world healthy and disease-free.

Dr. Anupma

The Woman Behind


Dr Anupama Jain is a weight loss Dietitian, Nutritionist and a Certified Dietitian based in Saket, Meerut. She is helping people to achieve health-related goals with her healthy diets. A Good Diet keeps you strong, makes you glow, ups your Energy and doesn`t make you feel deprived. We at "Diet Solutions By Anupama" strive to promote healthy living, fitness and wellness by providing you an insight into a personalized and balanced diet that is going to match your lifestyle. "You are what you eat! Yes, to be fit and healthy you need to eat good food. Online diet plans and personalised diet charts are provided for services like Natural weight loss, Fat Loss, inch loss, reduce tummy/belly fat, healthy weight gain, gain muscle mass, manage cholesterol, control obesity, Treat diabetes (Diabetic diet), therapeutic diet, PCOD Diet, PCOS Diet and other disease management.

Dietician Anupama Jain

Bsc from Delhi University
Diploma in Dietetics and Nutrition from VLCC
Post Graduate diploma in Nutrition and Dietitics from London U.K.
Worked as an intern at Jaswantrai Hospital Meerut
Specialized certification in obesity and weight management from Medversity Apollo Hospital