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    I believe small changes in Diet & Lifestyle can lead to long-term healthy & happy life...
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  • A Unique Online Diet Clinic

    Complete Online Diet Clinic 

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Everyone wants to lose weight, and so consult many doctors and dietitians but still fail to lose weight, Reason being lack of proper guidance, personalised attention, well planned diet plans and a pot full of perseverance ! we at ANUPAMA DIET SOLUTIONS are here to provide you excellent solutions for all your health and weight loss goals under the able guidance of Dietitian Anupma Jain who has been actively involved into this endeavour for the past five years. She is known to plan a diet that surely tingles your taste buds yet simultaneously help you loose excess weight and the ugly flab. She is of the opinion that for losing weight a person doesn`t require a strict diet, but little and sustainable lifestyle and dietary changes along with whole lot of guidance and motivation. We assure you that we will help you sail through this journey of yours.
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Our mission is to encourage and promote healthy lifestyle globally by providing an easy, user-friendly and rapid consulting platform that offers customised diet and health plans.

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Our vision is to build ever-changing high quality, global consulting platform for diet and health services, thereby taking one step towards making the world healthy and disease-free.

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Hey friends ! I am Sangeeta, and I have followed Dr. Anupma Jain's diet for almost 3 months now. I am totally amazed at my result, since she has helped me to reduce almost 6 lbs of my weight. The diet I was following wasn't even giving me the feeling of 'I am on a diet'. At first I was like I won't get anything to eat, but when I saw the diet chart I was feeling that do I even eat this much normally? It's very simple to follow being a housewife because its simple food to make and to eat. I saw phenomenal change in myself. All thanks to Dr. Anupma. I would recommend her as a dietitian to everyone who wants to lose weight.



विशाल जैन

मैं विशाल जैन 37 ईयर्स ओल्ड निवासी साकेत, मेरठ, उत्तर प्रदेश, भारत ( इंडिया) मेरा वेट 96 kg हुआ करता था उसके बाद मुझे डॉक्टर श्रीमती अनुपमा जैन जी का सानिध्य और आशीर्वाद मिला जिन के ट्रीटमेंट के अकॉर्डिंग रहकर मैंने करीब अपना वेट 76kg पर ले आया । डॉ अनुपम जैन जी का ट्रीटमेंट और उनके डाइट प्लान इतने इफेक्टिव है कि ना मेरे को भूखा रहना पड़ा और जो मेरी दिनचर्या है उसी में हल्का-फुल्का चेंज करके धीरे धीरे मैंने अपना वेट भी कम कर लिया। बॉडी एनर्जी जी भी बहुत अपग्रेड कर ली। डॉक्टर श्रीमती अनुपमा जैन जी को तहे दिल से बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद हैं। आप सब भी उनका लाभ लें



Priyanka Jain

Hi... My name is Priyanka Jain , I started gaining weight just after marriage.. but just because of Anupama anty's diet chart I was able to reduce 15 kg in 4 months.. It was just a miracle.. diet is easy and based on home-cooked food that everyone can do it easily.



Aakriti Jain

Hey all, I am Aakriti Jain. I have been following Dr. Anupma Jain's diet for a month now and I have seen a drastic change in myself. Her diet is very easy to follow, especially for a student. She gives whatever you want to eat and most importantly, she'll regularly keep a check that are you actually doing or not. She is an excellent dietitian as per my opinion.



Sangeeta Jain

I am 56 have a stubborn fat. but under the guidance of Dr Anupama I had reduced 10 kg of weight in 5 months.. her best quality is easy n likeable diet plan so that u dont get bored.



Sarika Prasad

Myself Sarika Prasad resident of Vasant Kunj Delhi has been able to shed of 12 kgs in 2 months ,and my daughter Sanjana Prasad also loose her Weight due to valuable diet plan of Mrs Anupama Jain. Thanks Mrs Jain for the generous advice.

Vasant Kunj Delhi


Mayank Jain

I’ve never been to a dietician before. What I received was far more advice and knowledge than expected.Mrs. Anupama Jain is extremely, knowledgeable, excellent at communicating. I’ve learned so much and I can actually feel the differences in my body after making the changes recommended to me. I’m far more aware of how to read my body’s reactions to certain foods. I don’t have to deprive myself of anything and her meals are easy to prepare which one can follow easily. Thank you!”



Ananya Kamal

Easy, approachable and effective diet plans with maximum ingredients available at home. She makes sure to cover all basics like not just getting leaner but also a healthier and better version of you. Making sure you skin and hair quality stays intact and your core strength evolves by bringing a normal workout into your lifestyle. Religiously following her diet now for almost more than three months has made my thryroid come under control for the first time in the past six years. Apart from visible changes I feel far better, lighter and confident in my own skin and it is not because I have shed a few kilos of extra weight but because I have inhibited a healthier way of life which I hope to keep the same and maintain throughout